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9woodenhomes a division of SBT provides premium quality materials for each home and cottage package. SPF exteriors, PUC windows, and fully engineered "spec" items bring together these superb homes. 9Woodenhomes provides all materials to the "LOCKUP" phase of your project, and we adhere to strict quality control processes in order to assure our customers' complete satisfaction.

Whether you are new to the building process, or an experienced builder; we can help you with your journey of building a new home or cottage? At 9Woodenhomes , our Client Service Consultants have the expertise to guide or assist you through each stage of your building process, assist you with important information along the path, and assist with any problems you may encounter along the way.

Visit the section, and with questions of any nature.

To vacation-styled home lovers……Welcome to the website of 9Woodenhomes . Ready to escape from the dreary black and white urban lifestyle?…… 9Woodenhomes has the knockout designs that will put C O L O R into your life with high-vaulted ceilings, beautiful windowed walls, large decks, SPF timber posts, and an embrace with nature.

We don't just sell materials or "kits". We perform as a service agent for you, to ensure you are able to build a beautiful, safe, high quality home.

9 Wooden Homes provides a well trained, professional team of experts who provide one-stop service in a variety of topics including design, engineering, material estimation, procurement, construction, and much more.

We will take the time to understand our customer's needs, and assist you through each step of the building process (see the 9woodenhomes will provide design customization with a rapid turnaround time. We will get YOUR design to match your goals, perfectly, and help you save time and money.

Your 9woodenhomes Plans and "LOCKUP" Materials will be completely engineered to meet or exceed engineering requirements for your site's building conditions.

We help you stay on budget; and will assist you with finding contractors and financing where possible.

You will not spend time running to the building supply store throughout your building process ~ We provide an Inclusive Lockup Package to your site, with everything you need.

All of your 9woodenhomes Materials are of the highest quality including; the finest grade of SPF, and much more.

We pre-stain all of our SPF products according to Your choice (except shingles), all four sides; allowing us to visually inspect every piece for total quality control.

We are #1 in before & after sales service, and provide the #1 customer experience in the Industry.

Our Cottage and Home Building Services

9woodenhomes provides a full range of services to enable our valued clients to reach their home and cottage building goals with ease, and personal satisfaction. We become a "teammate" to our clients, and will work toward your goals as if they were our own.


Our staff is completely qualified with building experience in a wide variety of task sets, and can provide answers and tips to building questions during the entire preparation stages and the building process. Call us anytime, and we will be available to assist with answers to important questions on topics from plan design, engineering for your building site, site preparation, timing, costs, and much more.

Cottage Building Project Guidance

In addition to Design and Engineering services, 9 Wooden Homes provides a wide variety of guidance services. If you are seeking a contractor, looking for financing assistance, determining your project costs, getting permitting in place, or any other steps….call us for assistance.

9woodenhomes consultants will help you with your planning and preparation for building. As we are determining if 9woodenhomes is your best solution, we will also be providing many tips that will help you to move forward; even if your best path is with a supplier other than us.

If we are the right solution for your LOCKUP phase, we will continue to assist you all the way along the path to building your new home or cottage.

Our experienced staff will help you…..

Gable Entrance
* Coordinate with your building department and help you understand the building permit process

* Gather your building site loading parameters for engineering your cottage / home package

* With our internal Plan Review Process to ensure your plans provide the most up-to-date building practices and materials that will save construction costs, and add value to your project

* Keep you on track to complete your package - on-time and on schedule

* Go through your Plan Review process with your site

* Prepare for delivery to unusual or hard to reach delivery locations

* With in-house technical support and construction advice from foundation to project completion

Experienced Team Of Building Experts

You and your family have goals and hopes that will be captured with your building project…..whether it is a weekend-getaway cabin, a lakefront cottage, or your natural retreat dream home; it will be a legacy of pride. 9woodenhomes will help to ensure that you meet and exceed this lifetime opportunity to create a home or cottage that provides the atmosphere to generate lifetime memories.

Quality Assurance

You will also need to consider additional people and companies that can play important roles in your project. They will include designers, engineers, building department officials, contractors, and more. We can directly assist with design and engineering, and can also help you source many others such as contractors…..please CONTACT US to help you with each of these topics.

9woodenhomes has an experienced team of building preparation experts; and we can provide you with superb plans and materials to build your SPF cottage or home. We will take a team like approach to ensure your project exceeds your goals; as your goals become ours.
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