9Woodenhomes has been building homes since 2008 in India. In the summer of 2008', while on a expedition in a very remote mountain range of Northern India we saw a nice SPF cabin house sitting in the backdrop of the majestic Himalayan Region. This was the inspiration that lead to the 9woodenhomes .

We are pleased to have best woods all across the world for home construction , including SPF (spruce,pine,fir)which is used to build cottages and homes that make up our portfolio. Shortly after the launch of Shankar Buildtech Pvt Ltd , a homes and marketing division was created and named 9Woodenhomes. 9Woodenhomes is in the beautiful Garden City of India.. 9woodenhomes became the symbol of our dedication to the natural strength and beauty of your new home or cottage.

Although wooden houses have been popular in Western countries, they are gradually becoming more accepted among trendsetters in Asia and the Middle East. The fabulous appeal of wooden houses is not only because of their aesthetic nature but for their environmental-friendly features and technological efficiencies. Our customer service personnel will attend to you relating to your house designs, logistics and technical specifications etc.

Now at 9woodenhomes , we combine the world's finest SPF and dimensional lumber, with simple yet striking designs, to enable our clients to build beautiful SPF homes and cottages in rural and remote locations anywhere in India. Today, years later, we have clients throughout India and other models with the absolute finest materials, design, and engineering services in the industry.

And so this is the foundation of 9woodenhomes , a division of
Shankar Buildtech Pvt Ltd.
We will create a revolution in the wooden houses concept in India, by replacing it with the conventional way of building the houses with steel, concrete and stones.

Change to wood for Good.
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